Indoor navigation for Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation



Room search

Enter the number of a room you need, for example, 5233.

Route search

To build a route, you need to indicate the number of the room closest to you.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Manually

Enter the number of the room closest to you
In the "From" field, for example, 1201.

2. By using QR-code

Just point the phone’s / tablet’s camera at the QR-code to scan it.

The system will automatically show your location inside the building or create a route from you to the needed room.

QR-codes scanning ability is embedded into the navigation application on  Android.

To be able to scan any QR-codes for your device, you may need a special app (for example, for  Android, for iPhone).

Here you can find instructions how to create a QR-code for location indication / route in 5 minutes..

Reference information

Navigation apps on  Android and iOS сcontain a lot of useful

reference information about various institutes and departments of the university:

  • working hours
  • phone numbers
  • room numbers


Our goal is accessibility.

We try to make indoor navigation accessible to everyone

from any device and browser.


The web version for May 2017 runs on major browsers under Android (from version 2.4), iOS (from version 2.x), Win Phone (7.x, 8.x).

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